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11 Dec 2021

 SPECIAL SESSION ON  Fuzzy and Uncertain Intelligent Knowledge Engineering Systems For WCCI FUZZ-IEEE 2022 Padua, Italy – July 18-23, 2022 Session Organizers: Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway, jerrylin@ieee.org Gautam Srivastava, Brandon University, Canada, SRIVASTAVAG@brandonu.ca Stefania Tomasiello, University of Tartu, Estonia, stefania.tomasiello@ut.ee   Contact Person: Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, jerrylin@ieee.org   Session […]

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In recent years, Cyber-Physical System (CPS) has become an important research direction for academia, industry, and government agencies as CPS is considered to be following the third wave of world information technology after the computer and the Internet. Software defined networking (SDN) is an emerging technology that can be integrated with CPS to provide scalable, […]

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Security and Risk Analysis for Intelligent Edge Computing Editor(s): Uttam Ghosh · Gautam Srivastava · Jerry Chun-Wei Lin With the proliferation of development of a broad range of applications and services, cloud computing has captured a lot of attentions in last decade. Edge computing can play a pivotal role in cloud computing and services by […]

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07 Dec 2020

Abstract: Discovering interesting and useful patterns in symbolic data has been the goal of numerous studies. Several algorithms have been designed to extract patterns from data that meet a set of requirements specified by a user. Although many early research studies in this domain have focused on identifying frequent patterns (e.g. itemsets, episodes, rules), nowadays […]

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